Rates are per simulator, not per person. Rates are based on an hour or half hour rental. Typically one person can play 18 in about an hour (i.e a four some playing 18 will take about 4 hours. A foursome playing nine will take about 2 hours. If it's your first time and/or you want to spend some time on the driving range, book some extra time. If you sneak out of work or the house for some much needed therapy for your golf addiction we promise complete anonymity. 

Calling in ahead for tee times is highly suggested

Golf Simulator Rates per Hour:

  M–F at 6 pm Friday 6 pm–Sunday
Regular $25.00  $30.00 
Seniors 60+  $20.00  $25.00 

 Golf Simulator Rates per Half Hour

  M–F at 6 pm Friday 6 pm–Sunday
Regular $15.00  $20.00 
Seniors 60+  $15.00  $15.00 


Eleetus Auto Racing Simulator Rates

Seniors, Adults & Kids:  $30 per hour or $20 per 1/2 hour any day of the week


Club Rental

Golf clubs are available but in limited quantity.  Let us know what you need in advance. Club rental is $10.00. We will try not to pair you with the owners used clubs as his divots often go further than his ball hence the “rugged but manly” appearance.

Gift Cards

So do you want socks or fun? Remember when your birthday present was a golf shirt with PGA spelled incorrectly? The days of bad gifts are over. The Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Fun gift cards are available in any value and do not expire or carry any non-usage fee. Special consideration always given for extravagant spending.